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What we do

Covert Comm is the ultimate security force for your valuable data and communications. Whether you are a single person, a company or a government agency, our mindset remains the same: Cybercriminals, foreign government agencies, and corporate spies are all real threats to your cybersafety. Intellectual property, company communications, and financial records are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what can be stolen by malicious actors.

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Leveraging Steganography - the art of data hiding and covert communication - to hide your valuable data inside innocuous looking files. Our technologies will assure the secrecy, privacy and secrecy of your data.

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Our state of the art covert communication platform allows you to send your data covertly to anywhere in the world bypassing surveillance and bad actors spying on your communication. With recent threats like quantum computing encryption is at risk and covert comm technology will conceal your data even when encryption fails.

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Mobile App

We understand that mobile phones are a big target to compromise an individual's privacy, please check our app Covert Comm on the app store and google play. Covert Comm brings you StegPro capabilities at your fingertips on your mobile device.

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Integration APIs

If you are a software developer and would like to incorporate our data hiding capabilities in your software, we provide full APIs that can provide you with all capabilities you need to add data hiding features to your applications.

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Covert Comm Crypto Token

We appreciate your privacy and anonymity. In an effort to support anonymous subscriptions, we are launching our Covert Comm token to support subscriptions through cryptocurrencies.

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Why Use Covert Comm?

Our data hiding and covert communications technologies are based on steganography – in simple terms the practice of hiding one file inside another. Doing so leaves no traces behind, no bread-crumb trail for cybercriminals to follow. We are the world’s first patent-pending production level steganography platform, able to secure your data both at rest and when in motion. Even if you suffer a breach, cybercriminals will not be able to view your hidden data or intercept your cover communications.

We haven’t just built the technology, we’ve built it to grow as you grow and become a seamless part of your company’s existing system. We offer two products – StegPro and StegNet – which both have a fully capable API layer, allowing it to be integrated into your workflows, processes, and software.

Both are available for on-premise installation, system integration, and Software as a Service (SaaS). Both are highly scalable. As your business needs expand or contract, so do our capabilities.

Finding the Right Securty Solution for:

Ours is not a solution in a box. When you purchase from Covert Comm, you get full access to our consultation experts and dedicated customer support staff from that first communication through the entire life cycle of our products.

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