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Leveraging steganography to hide your sensitive data & files inside other innocuous looking files. Before hiding your data the platform also encrypts it using strong encryption, following a layered defense approach.  Stegpro protects your data against different adversaries, surveillance activities & cutting edge technologies that can break encryption like quantum computing. With stegpro hackers won’t even know your data Is there to try to steal it. Stegpro also enables you to sign your important files and later on check if someone had tampered with them, allowing you to guarantee the integrity of your data.


StegNet is our state of the art covert communication platform, following a layered defense approach by first encrypting your data before hiding it. StegNet breaks down your important data and files and covertly smuggles them in network packets specially crafted to thwart detection and surveillance done on your communication. StegNet is so powerful that even if an adversary breaks the internet encryption and was able to read your communication unencrypted, they still won’t be able to get to your data. To adversaries, your data doesn’t exist. Simply, we bring you spy level capabilities to guarantee your privacy. Use stegnet to secure your data as your are transferring them (data in transit).

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Mobile APP

We understand that mobile phones are a big target to compromise an individual’s privacy, please check our app Covert Comm on the app store and google play. Covert Comm brings you StegPro capabilities at your fingertips on your mobile device.

Integration APIs

If you are a software developer and would like to incorporate our data hiding capabilities in your software, we provide full APIs that can provide you with all capabilities you need to add data hiding features to your applications.

Covert Comm Crypto Currency

We appreciate your privacy and anonymity. In an effort to support anonymous subscriptions, we are launching our Covert Comm token to support subscriptions through cryptocurrencies.

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