Encryption is no longer enough! StegNet is the solution to finally protect our data security the way it should be.

Network based steganography is the process of hiding data inside network protocols, in other words it is how covert communication channels can be opened between a sender and a receiver. In order for such a process to be successful, the network protocol design needs to be exploited in ways which make it work the purpose we need, without breaking, changing nor altering the initial design and functionality in which this protocol was designed for.

StegNet is our network based steganography platform, currently supporting covert channels over TCP/IP protocol. TCP/IP is the main protocol used today for communicating across the internet. Being the most popular protocol, conducting steganography activities over it, makes steganography feasible across the majority of the today’s networks.

Reach out for a demo or for more information on the platform! We will also work with your team to help leverage steganography to protect data without affecting day to day operations.